Football jerseys

Clothing drive

The used clothing is collected from containers or door-to-door. The new clothes come from shop clearance sales or liquidation sales.

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Clothes stacks

Recycling and Sorting

The items that can be reused are sorted into 3 different quality levels : « Grade A », « Grade B », and « Gold ». The unsorted items are part of quality « Original ». The rest of the collected fabric is converted into industrial wipes.

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Baled used clothing


Our logistics center based near Paris, packages the items in bales for transport by road and/or sea.

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International exporter

From packaging to transport, our expertise and the quality of our products are recognised by the main second-hand clothes importers across 3 continents :

  • Africa
  • Middle-East
  • Eastern Europe
Import / Export of used clothing

190 tons of used clothes shipped per month


60% to Africa


25% to Middle-East


15% to Eastern Europe

Our products

Our strengths


First reseller of used clothing in France and Europe.


More than 15 years specialising in the collection and wholesale of second-hand clothes.

Speed of delivery

The quality of our transport services and logistics ensures your order is dispatched quickly and securely.

Leader on the african market

We are one of the leading companies in the African market.