Origin of items

Our high quality products come from Central Europe : France (Paris), Germany (Munich), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), United Kingdom (London) Belgium (Brussels). We have 3 collection methods :

Collection by container

We have containers in Paris and the region around Paris. The containers are placed in wealthy neighbourhoods and suburban areas, which makes this collection of clothing one of the best in Europe. The collected items arrive daily in our warehouse to be sorted.

Door to door collections

The collection is made directly from private residences, our drivers collect by going from neighbourhood to neighbourhood in Paris.


Clearance stock is delivered to us from Parisian shops. Each season we receive end of line stock and clothing of « Cream»  quality, with or without labels. We sell items by the kilo and not individually, which means a big difference in price for our customers.

Kind of goods

Second-hand clothes

The second hand clothes are divided in to three groups: « Grade A » - « Grade B » - « Recycling » (one part of this is recycled as raw material. These we designate as rags and insulation materials).

New clothes

New clothes and end of line stock are part of the « Gold » quality. We recoup European named brands and clothing with or without labels such as : Levis, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, 3 Suisses, Celio, Jules, DSQuared, Louis Vuitton and many other European named brands.

Textile Recycling and Sorting

Our used clothing qualities

« Grade A» 

« Grade B» 

« Gold (Extra)» 

« Unsorted (original)» 

Our products